Smart, secure newsletters that make communicating with private stakeholders seamless and easy


Newsletters aren’t naturally a scalable communication tool

  • Numerous newsletters across distributed organizations like health systems can lead to diminishing returns without a smart content segmentation solution

  • Newsletters can have competing messages, and don’t always make it to the intended recipient due to the use of multiple mediums, and platforms

  • Distributed newsletters across multiple locations and regions increases security risks

We don’t need more newsletters. We need smarter newsletters

  • Everyone uses newsletters from departments, to the system level – They’re a great way to group related information in one place

  • Newsletters seem worth it – They’re a time-consuming messy medium yet millions are sent everyday for bulk communication

  • It should be easier – The newsletter needs to evolve into a simple smarter solution that is secure and delivers unique content to each recipient

  • Collaboration should be standard – Communicators need to be able to work together to create content that naturally feeds into segmented newsletters for your audience


Features – more than enough, not more than you need

Smpl Talk Feed – Deliver private segmented newsletter content for users in a scrollable feed.

Smpl Talk Campaign –  Deliver e-mail campaigns with pre-loaded segmented newsletter content 

Smpl Talk Survey – Deliver surveys based on user segments. Integrates with Newsletter Feed, Campaign, and Newsletter

Smpl Talk Analytics – Key newsletter analytics with top-down simple insights that are actionable

Smpl Talk API – Deliver segmented newsletter content to custom websites or apps that require login 

Single-Sign-On – Available for most companies that have enterprise sign-on

Straight-forward pricing

Not more than a $1 a month per user. And yes, the bigger your organization, the better the deal. Ask us about enterprise pricing by contacting sales below.