Smpl Talk is a social newsletter that delivers unique content to people based on what they do and where they are


Do we even need more newsletters?

Everyone uses them – They're a great way to group related information in one place

They seem worth it – It has become a messy medium and companies send millions of them

It should be easier – Apply collaborative new media principals to the age-old newsletter

What's the problem with newsletters?

They’re passive – Recipients can’t add to the conversation, only consume the content

They use traditional publishing – Published top-down for the end-user

They're outdated – It's old news the moment it's published

Smpl Talk is simple to use

Fully collaborative – Be traditional, social, or anywhere in-between 

Aggregate your newsletters –  Multiple newsletters can combine into one newsletter experience

Interact with newsletters –  Contribute, take surveys, watch videos, comment, and share

Target content – People can receive newsletters based on what they do and where they're located

Features – more than enough, not more than you need

Replace other platforms with one that can do internal communications better. Simplify your workload and get more done

Email marketing  No more lists to maintain. Simply gather content from a channel and send it

Surveys – Targeted, simple, and secure

Events – Create events, see who is going

Single-sign-on – Available for most companies that have enterprise sign-on