Smpl Talk FAQ


What is Smpl Talk?

Smpl Talk gives employees a voice with a simple, easy-to-use internal enterprise communications platform. Smpl Talk allows for top-down publishing or social media-style publishing. Your organization will choose what's best based on what they want to accomplish. 

How do I login and register an account?

It's easy to login and register an account. Currently, your company will need to create a profile for you beforehand. Click here to learn more.

How does the Smpl Talk navigation work?

Smpl Talk navigation is designed to both navigate content, as well as manage content. Click here to learn more.

What is my feed and how do I interact with its content?

Your feed is a combination of posts, surveys, and events from all of your channels. This is your default view when logging into the platform. If your feed is empty, it means you are not a part of any channels, and you will need to contact your administrator to give you the right roles so that content will fill your feed. 

What are channels and how do I access and interact with their content?

Channels are broadcasts of posts, surveys, and events. You see them based on your location and what you do (see roles). Channels aggregate into your feed automatically. To view channels individually, click the channel icon (see navigation), and choose the channel you want to view.

Why can I only post (create content) on some channels and not others?

Your ability to post to channels depends on two factors. First, it may depend on permission levels.  Second, it may depend on the kind of channel you're viewing. For instance, a channel may allow everyone who can see it to also post to it. You will know you can post to a channel if the + button on the lower right corner of your screen is lit up. If you have the ability to post to a channel, you can also post to it directly from your feed by clicking the + button on the lower right corner of your screen.  

How do notifications work?

You will receive two types of notifications. Active notifications are real-time and means that someone has liked or commented on your post, or on a post you have liked or commented on. Summary notifications are daily or weekly and let you know how many new posts are in your channels. Learn how to manage your notifications here.

How do I edit my profile and log out?

Editing your profile and logging out of Smpl Talk is easy. Click here to learn more.

How do I like, comment on content, and take surveys?

To like content click on the heart icon. To comment, open a post and add a comment to the right (on social posts) or at the bottom (on article posts) of the post. Once you like or comment on a post, you will be subscribed to that post and receive notifications regarding that post. Learn more about notifications here.

How do I create content?

Creating content is easy. Learn the basics of creating, updating, and deleting posts, surveys, and events by clicking on their respective links.

What's the difference between social posts and article posts?

Social posts are quick statements or questions for your channel. These posts encourage commenting and social interaction. Article posts are for long-form content, which may require additional formatting, images, or links to videos, documents or web pages. Learn more about the difference between social posts and article posts here.

What are email news blasts?

Email news blast can replace email marketing platforms for internal communications. It allows users with the right permissions create rich HTML emails with channel content and send it to every user with access to the channel. Most importantly, email news blasts track important analytics such as open rate, click rate, and data. Click here to learn more.

How do I view analytics on content, locations, surveys, and more?

Being able to view analytics depends on your permission level. To view analytics on content, locations, email news blasts, or the network, simply click the ellipsis located in the right corner of the information card and choose "analytics." 

What are the different permissions on Smpl Talk, how do they work, and how do I know what my permissions are?

There are three types of permissions and two types of privileges. To learn more about permissions and privileges, click here.  

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